Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wedding Unites Everybody - By Rozidot www.rozidah-imran.blogspot.com

From my pengapit! Enjoy reading, love ya!!!


Firstly I would like to thank the couple, Nan & Nazi. It was a great honoured to be your pengapit and be right by your side during your special day (eventhough I almost make a fool of myself in front of the public. pheww!!!). It was my first experience and for the first time being a pengapit. I felt so important that day as well because I have to take care of the bride (did I take care of you nazi? LOL!). Somehow, kalau ada salah silap mintak maaf yer. I know I was a bit kelam kabut the other day and kept on asking Nazi on the pelamin, "apa nak buat ni????".

Well, the ceremony was superb and I was so happy for both of you! Like I said, you two are one of the best couples I have ever seen. May Allah grant you a happy married life!

Amin! Once again, thank you and congrats to both of you.

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